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Click JOIN NBYA - Junior Membership to sign up. Click here to view Registration GuideAs a first-time member, you will create an account linked to NBYAThe MEMBER is the SAILOR– there is a place to fill in parent/guardian information MEMBER’s DOB will automatically sort them at each regatta they register for into the appropriate division (420s Div I or Div II) or fleet (Opti RWB). If your OPTI sailor has never raced before, you can elect to have them in the OPTI GREEN class when you go to register for the individual regattas. 

Junior Racing Registration

Please note Junior Membership is required in order to access the registration. 

Each individual regatta is listed below – from there, you can individually register for each regatta the sailor is going to participate in.

Cost: $50 per day per sailorIf your OPTI sailor has never raced before , you can elect to have them in the OPTI GREEN class when you go to register for the individual regattasSkippers in the 420 Class will need to register and pay for their full boat - the total cost is the same, but ClubSpot does not allow skippers to pay half the fee and the crew the other half. We encourage crew’s and their families to address payment with their skippers in whatever arrangement they feel is appropriate. As the 420 Skipper registers, you’ll get an opportunity to add a CrewClick Add Crew then input the contact information for the sailor that will be the crew. The email recorded for the crew needs to match the email the crew used on their JR Membership. If they didn’t get their membership yet, that’s fine - when they get the email to accept crew status, they will be prompted to get their membership first. 

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